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I had a really interesting conversation with a potential customer the other day.  We had arranged a meeting to see what services he might be interested in, both for his home and business use.

We were just chatting, as you do and I had mentioned contract end dates and knowing when to give notice for his business energy contracts.

He mentioned that he had had a call from “someone” allegedly from one of the big 6 energy suppliers asking a rhetorical question, “your contract is due to end soon isn’t it”?  He responded with an even better question, “is it”?  You can maybe see where this is going.  The “someone” wasn’t actually from one of the big companies but was allegedly a broker, fishing for information in an attempt to get the customer to sign up for a service at an unknown rate with an aggressive attitude of “why wouldn’t you, it will only cost you more if you don’t sign up today”.

There is obviously a bit of a moral to this tale.  The customer was knowledgeable enough to know his energy contract end date and to recognise a bogus caller when he heard one.

In truth the energy market is not difficult or complicated but there are some things a business customer needs to be aware of.

Knowing the contract end date and the notice period required (they vary with different suppliers) is of prime importance.  Without this knowledge a customer can get “rolled over” into a new contract with no say in the rates they are paying.  This can have serious financial implications to a business.

Knowing their broker is also helpful.  A broker should work for the best interests if their client, so someone they know or have been referred to should give the client  some added confidence in that knowledge.

Time.  Having time to deal with what is just an infrequent administrative task can be challenging for some businesses.  They are so focused on their core business the can miss these critical dates for their energy supply.

This is all part of the service we provide.  Because we are focused on our client’s energy requirements we keep them informed and help guide them through the whole procurement process.  Giving notice at the correct time and producing price options for their consideration.  We also give them an easy option when dealing with bogus callers.

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