Smart Meters – The Truth!


OK, just how smart are smart meters?  Well in education terms they would probably still be at primary school.  

I was trying to think of an analogy for them and the first one that came to mind was they are a bit like a “Haynes” manual.  I know a bit old school but a bit like me really. (if you didn’t experience the enjoyment of “messing” about with old cars and taking things to bits just because you can, well, your loss)  

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Martin Lewis says “Switch Now”

money box

Martin Lewis the “Money Saving Expert” has a new television show on ITV called “The Martin Lewis Money Show.”  Now I don’t know Martin personally but I think that anyone who has the foresight to set up in business and then sell it a few short years later for a reported £87 million maybe has a bit of knowledge on his subject. (or certainly whoever purchased his business thinks that)


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Roll Over Contracts

read small print

I’m sure for a lot of small businesses there are probably only two things which really gets their blood boiling when the words “energy companies” are mentioned.


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How much energy are you using when you are closed?

closed sign

It may seem obvious but it is often overlooked.  Take a meter reading when you open and another when you close.  Repeat this every day for a typical week of working.  How much gas and electricity is being consumed when you are closed?  If it’s relatively high what could be switched off or turned down to reduce consumption.

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How to Reduce Energy Consumption

adjusting heating

Tip of the Day – Switch the lights off.

Bonus Tip – Turn the heating down.

Its just not rocket science.  I know there are fancy gadgets available to tell you how much energy you are using and to allow you to remotely control your house thermostat but are we really too soft these days?  Do we want to end up like the “humans” in the film Wall-E where they have forgotten how to use their legs and become huge couch potatoes having everything done for them?  I hope not.

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