adjusting heating

Tip of the Day – Switch the lights off.

Bonus Tip – Turn the heating down.

Its just not rocket science.  I know there are fancy gadgets available to tell you how much energy you are using and to allow you to remotely control your house thermostat but are we really too soft these days?  Do we want to end up like the “humans” in the film Wall-E where they have forgotten how to use their legs and become huge couch potatoes having everything done for them?  I hope not.

I think we have to realise that, as a friend of mine put it the other day, we in Great Britain are perhaps not as great as we once were.  If we are living outside our means we have to make sacrifices to rectify this.

Back to the subject at hand.  Nobody likes paying big energy, or any other bills for that matter but if that is what it costs then they need to be paid.

(I do appreciate there is a whole other discussion about whether the retail price for energy is as fair as it should be but that is for another time)

So, how to reduce energy bills?  Well the tips at the top of this piece are relevant.  How many of us leave “things” on when not in use? Could we put on an extra item of clothing rather than sitting around in pj’s all day or simply turn down the thermostat by 1 degree?  What about extra insulation?  Many people can have it installed for free.  For those of you with children this might prove impossible, close doors!

You can of course shop around for a different supplier but who can you trust to give good advice? Pricing has been too complicated but legislation will change this.  It is always good to get independent advice and the Consumer Association, Which is a good starting point.

The bottom line we are all responsible to some extent for our own lifestyles so if you want to keep your cake you had better not eat it.  Choices.

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