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jim morrison

jim morrison

Utilities Consultant & Broker

Jim Morrison is a utilities consultant and broker who covers the whole of the UK energy and telecoms market.

Working with major businesses, SME companies and residential property owners to find the best options for them. One of the main benefits to business clients is helping them manage their energy procurement. Not only can this save them time but also avoid the roll over trap. This can occur when they haven’t given notice at the correct time and their existing supplier can set new tariffs and place the customer back into a contract possibly at potentially prohibitive rates.

Jim Morrison helps manage this process and then provides a range of tender prices at the correct time, giving the client choices and a recommendation of what would be best value to them. The prices the client is offered is the price they pay, there are no hidden costs or additional charges to pay.

SME businesses and home owners can also benefit from the range of services available. Including free call packages, single billing for multiple services and help with early termination fees to come out of contract.

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