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Martin Lewis the “Money Saving Expert” has a new television show on ITV called “The Martin Lewis Money Show.”  Now I don’t know Martin personally but I think that anyone who has the foresight to set up in business and then sell it a few short years later for a reported £87 million maybe has a bit of knowledge on his subject. (or certainly whoever purchased his business thinks that)


In the first instalment he was looking at the benefits of switching energy providers and the savings that many people could be making.  You know what I think, he could be on to something.  It seemed amazing that so many people he spoke to hadn’t switched, or even considered switching energy suppliers especially when he showed them the potential savings they could be making.

There are some fantastic energy “deals” out there but it’s sometimes hard to know where to find them because there are just so many tariffs to choose from.  Although the programme was using comparison sites to find an alternative price and supplier, there are other energy companies out there, that wont show on these sites because they would rather pass cost savings on to their customers than pay to be listed on the site.

Another way to consider what company to switch to would be by personal recommendation because so many people have had bad experiences when dealing with their energy provider.  There is also the independent opinion from Which, the UK’s leading independent consumer organisation.

This is where I have to hold my hands up and say that unlike Martin Lewis, I am biased.  I have been a customer with the Utility Warehouse for nearly 12 years.  Taking more and more services with them as they came available.  I have considered switching but when I do my homework it just isn’t worthwhile.

The Utility Warehouse gives its customers peace of mind with guarantees relating to its prices and has also been a Which top rated energy supplier for the last 8 years.  They have either been first or second for Customer Satisfaction in each of those surveys.  I know they are doing things right but I guess a lot of other customers also think the same.

The other aspect to consider is that the Utility Warehouse only gathers its customers through recommendation, either from other customers or through distributors like me. Yip, I liked the company so much I bought into it as a distributor. This means savings from having no advertising costs or payments to comparison sites can be passed on to their customers.

So what to do?  Well, everyone should consider switching energy supplier but my biased suggestion would be to speak to happy satisfied customers (like me) and not simply rely on switching sites.  The way the Utility Warehouse package their services means that the overall savings for taking energy combined with other services can make a huge difference to your monthly bills.

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