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I’m sure for a lot of small businesses there are probably only two things which really gets their blood boiling when the words “energy companies” are mentioned.


Firstly and understandably it’s the overall cost.  Business energy costs have risen consistently over the past few years and by all accounts will continue to do so.

Secondly, the energy company practice of “rolling over” customers contracts into a new contract with no escape clause has meant that many businesses have suffered prohibitive deemed rates.  It almost seemed like a loose loose situation because many businesses would have been forced out of business by such high energy costs.  No business, no energy bill to pay.

However, things have improved in recent years.  Although most SME businesses will still be rolled into a new contract they now only have to give 30 days’ notice in order to move on.  The out of contract rates can still be prohibitive so the best option is not to get caught out in the first place.

By using the services of someone like Jim Morrison Utilities Consultant they will not only alert the business when their contract is coming to an end but can also give notice on their client’s behalf and provide a selection of prices to choose from.  This means that one contract will seamlessly run into the next one with no nasty out of contract rates to worry about.  Result.



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