using mobile phones

Ok, I admit it.  I am of an age where I can easily relate to dinosaurs.  When it came to technology I was a slow starter.  I wanted to learn.  Ask anyone who knows me from my childhood days (now that’s a long time ago) and they will tell you my eagerness to take things to bits was legendry. (putting them back together was less successful)  But there was definitely a willingness to learn.


With technology however I just didn’t get the opportunity, although I did have the use of a “brick” phone in a very fetching shoulder bag carrier, which might explain the years of problems with that particular joint.  However my experience was short lived as it was to be blunt, useless!  Heavy, but useless.

It was several years later I succumbed to ownership of my own mobile phone.  A nifty little number.  At that time it wouldn’t have been unreasonable for all mobiles to simple be called “Nokia”.  A bit like Hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaners.  But I guess it was simply easier to say “mobile”!

Ah, in those heady days a phone was a phone and a mobile phone was…..a mobile, phone.  You could press buttons and speak to people on another phone almost anywhere. (coverage was an issue)

What was it that drove designers to add “stuff” to “phones”.  What was wrong with having a separate super duper all singing all dancing camera?  But that was just the start.

Nowadays what isn’t on a phone?  Manuals are no longer bits of paper (too many trees would be lost I suspect) but are now whole web sites crammed with FAQ and option listings.  I’m sure someone has a comparison between the computing power of a modern phone, mega quad core, gazillion bit storage running super hertz speed stuff, with where we were with super computers 10 or 20 years ago.  I wonder by what factor of 10 mobiles are more powerful?

Ah, the good old days.  But would I go back?  Well I don’t have an “S(big number)i” thingy but in reality I will have to leave this now.  Too many texts, calls and surfing to be done with a phone that has somehow become a new body part and which would need major surgery to amputate the offending item from my person.

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